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♥ Just another girl looking at life through a kaleidoscope of wonder, ironically i choose to live my life through this colourful and almost wonderland like way. I guess i crave to live in the inner hideaways of my own imagination sometimes... then again don’t we all? I listen to way too music, blaring it to the loudest it will go but at the same time i love the feeling of just sitting in the chilly Sydney morning sun, listening to nothing but the world wake to a new day... then again I hate mornings and crave my sleep! I'm in love with Korean and Japanese dramas & shop a little too much. I like the idea of owning an old school bike with a basket and all but can’t imagine when I’d actually ride it. I could spend my entire life in a movie theater or play house, just watching the passing trends and fads go by but also i can never be found without a book nearby. I love to lose myself in books, To fall in love as a character, to fight, to cry, to fly even... books are the things that keep me up at night. I love dreaming, sometimes before i sleep, i think of a certain dream i want to continue, i like to finish the stories in my head... i like to imagine! Maybe I’m not the prettiest or smartest, but through all my flaws and these silly little insecurities...
I actually love being ME; I wouldn’t have my life any other way. . . . . .

In short, I am Rachelle; A 21 year old Aussie living in the beautiful artistic Sydney, Australia,

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I’ll go back there again one day …

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    I hope to go there again this year because I haven’t been since I was in middle school and I keep having dreams about...
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